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Experience luxury and comfort with Noble Chairs! This Epic Series seat is made of faux leather and is entirely black with fine gold stitching. A chic design, supreme comfort, Noble Chairs set the bar very high!

Luxury and comfort with Noble Chairs

Experience luxury and comfort with Noble Chairs ! This EPIC Series seat , in faux leather, is entirely black with fine gold stitching. A chic design, supreme comfort, Noble Chairs sets the bar very high!

The seat that breathes

The material used in the seating area and the contact area is finely perforated to improve aeration optimally. The diamond sewing pattern also contributes to this by creating tiny pockets of air: your seat is constantly oxygenated, even in summer!

A design with elaborate details

Noble Chairs has a love of detail and things well done, the design is very refined: in addition to fine golden seams that bring a touch of very chic color, the logo of the crown adorns the headrest and the emblem brand is found a little lower on the back on an aluminum plate.

To finish, we will find on the right side of the seat a small leather part, with the Noble logo embroidered in gold.

Solid design and high quality

The artificial leather used on the Noble Chairs seat is made of polyurethane and guarantees characteristics and strength similar to genuine leather. It also has an advantage that real leather does not have: it is less hot than the latter, which is a significant advantage in summer!

The leatherette is 1.5mm thick , at least 25% thicker than conventional gamer seats. This type of leather is so high quality that it is found in the most beautiful luxury cars! These beautiful qualities ensure great durability.

The frame is made of robust steel, for an extremely stable structure. The whole structure is wrapped in cold foam that is not deformable: the Noble Chairs seats return to their original shape, even after a very long use and a fairly high load.

Fully adaptable position

For comfort and support, 2 cushions are provided with the Noble Chairs chairs : you can have them at the neck and lumbar to maintain your position in these 2 places.

The seat also has a complex rocking system to position it very comfortably. You can maintain a constant angle between the seat and the backrest by locking the position . The height is easily adjustable, and to finalize the settings, the 4D armrests also have a 4-way adjustment.

The castors are perfectly suited for hard or soft floors .